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The First Son
Greetings to Chaska, a recent addition to Helovia!  He is a beautiful buckskin sabino pegasus who comes from a distant land, and has joined one of our new outcast groups.  Chaska has a good heart, and is quick to make friends!  I was given a lot of design liberty with this character (as it is his first image) and I hope he lives up to the character she saw in her mind. :)
Glacial Beauty
This is Zyanya, another character on Helovia, played by the lovely Tai (who may have a DA but idk it xD will happily add if someone shares)!  She is new to the area, but has already chosen a home in the Aurora Basin and is rather active.  I am very proud to be the first person to work on a piece with Zyana, and hope it is followed by many more pieces featuring this really beautiful girl.

She is a sweet, almost shy girl who I really tried to capture in the image above.  Most importantly, I felt Zyanya was the sort of lady to have a lot of natural beauty and elegance to her, as well as a lovely personality!  I"m looking forward to following her throughout the rest of her time in Helovia, and seeing how she develops and who she becomes.
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I have been tagged by S-nowfire to give eight facts about my character, Rikyn, who is a two year old unicorn I play on Helovia, pictured above.  He's been featured here in my gallery a couple times, and has also had some art done by Dingo and Ghostly which can be found in my favorites. 

1.  Rikyn is the only and first son of Ulrik the Engineer, a handsome, bronze tribal marked holsteiner played by kaons with the ability to make robotics, and my first character on Helovia, Illynx the Gilded Blade, who wields lightning.  Both characters were long term members of the Plague, a unicorn elitist association, and had the honor of ruling the Aurora Basin for a short while, though not together.  Rikyn was born while Illynx was Lady, and Ulrik held the position of Weaver (a head crafter of the herd), and thereby considers himself a Prince - even though he is now an outcast, his father now a member of the World's Edge, and his mother gone entirely from Helovia. It can be said his ego is pretty big!  Lol.

2.  He was born with puppet magic, or the ability to manipulate people to his will using their mental synapses, which is a dark x shock ability.  However, it took him until he was two years old to realize he had it - such is the posh life of a prince, I suppose.  He will be questing for similar style magic in the future, including a nervous system "short circuit" ability and a shape shifting power, which allows him to assume the appearance of anyone he's met before.

3.  Rikyn is afraid of wolves, which I discovered during our last site wide plot, when the kingdoms faced the Wolf Goddess in the Labyrinth.  While he has fearlessly faced armies, angry females, giant bears, tar oozing tigers, and various other devilish ilk, the sight of wolves seems to be correlated with the very first time he ever saw them, some time into his first year; a pack, half starved in the winter storms, invaded the Basin.  While they all died pretty fast, I guess being hurried into a cave (and it being the first and only time his perfect little life was rattled around any at that time) has stuck with him.

4.  Rikyn, like his father, has a sublime singing voice.  Getting him to use it, however, is probably another story all together!  Any who were at the party on the Caela may recall his sonorous sound, Sikeax in particular, but he was still a wee lad.  His singing voice has developed since then into a delightful baritone - but he seems to use his vocal chords to curse more than anything else.

5.  Like Volterra, Rikyn has no problem with polygamy, and will seek out many different women in his lifetime.  Despite his desire to be with others, however, he probably won't handle any of his girls going out and finding other men very much!  I can't help but think that he'd be most heinously jealous... but this is mostly due to the fact that he thinks the best fellow should have the most ladies.  If he doesn't have the lady, then he is obviously not the best fellow, and that really just doesn't sit well with Rikyn at all.  

6.  Rikyn is a unicorn supremacist, like both his parents, despite having grown up with Aithniel, who he considers to be his sister.  These ideas, implanted very early on, were further stamped into his mindset after he wandered away from Helovia in search of his mother, and found a herd land called the Nightwalk, who follow a supremacist religion called Rotheism; Rotheism is dependent on a theory of universal balance, which can only be repaired by the destruction of pegasi and equine, who are (essentially) accidents which threw the world out a perpetual state of peace and plenty.  Followers of Rotheism are supposed to destroy all of these accidents, or to contain their contamination within their current life cycle, by convincing them not to procreate.  While I initially intended for him to follow it much more strictly, he seems to be unfortunately too intelligent to fight such an uphill battle for such things (and subsequently won't go around stabbing people - how boring).  The result has been a calculative creature wandering about the wild lands of Helovia revolving between feelings of deep depression and dark anger at nothing in particular, or a misplaced person or object, while he is truly upset with his mother for leaving him and the world for not being as sensible as it should be, all while seriously doubting whether or not he'll go to unicorn heaven (but denying that to himself most adamantly).  Little to say it requires some level of focus to think out just how he'll react to a person or situation, and that most often, during these difficult early parts of his life, these situations deteriorate into shouting matches or shared insults. x3

7.  He is highly intrigued by the notion of flying, and almost equally as ashamed of it.  I think part of his dislike of dragons (oh a fact in a fact) is that they are capable of flight, as much as the fact that he's been taught to dislike them by his mother (who really just hates dragons from past experiences with them).  As well flat out displaying jealousy around Aithniel when she revealed her ability to fly, there are times when he manages to set aside his distrust/dislike of dragons long enough to grow curious, as happened when he met Abraham (Timely-Studios) and his two bonded dragons, as well as his perpetual notice of birds and the flight of companions, which make me think that, if given the opportunity to fly just once, he probably would take it - even if it meant betraying his unicorn righteousness. x3  I wouldn't be surprised if he is the sort to have flight dreams, either, and I also wouldn't be surprised to discover they mostly end in him falling, though I admit I've never actively explored his subconscious on that level as I have with some of my other characters.

8.  Rikyn is more like his father - though his mother certainly had more of a hand in raising him, as Ulrik's high intelligence level often left him engrossed in his work, which Rikyn found too dull to spend a whole lot of time around (as it mostly involved hauling metals from one side of the Basin to the other or staring at bits of metal for hours while Ulrik contrived how to piece them together).  This has led to a unique conflict of character in which he tries to be a leader and world shaper, while he is much more suited to the more passive life of an involved herd member.  I'm really interested to see how these two aspects play out throughout his lifetime, as most of my characters are usually very clearly leaders or followers - Rikyn seems to be a little of both!

Watermel0nBob and December
Channeling-Spirits and Lace because I miss him ;_;
Psycho-Drummer and Kaj!  Or the amazing knitter if you so prefer. 


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